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Traffic Islands
Traffic Island Brochure
Traffic Management and Traffic Calming devices are an ever-increasing part of the local authority budget. The most commonly used devises are Islands and roundabouts. Almost invariable these are constructed using in-situ concrete construction that is slow and expensive. To overcome these disadvantages C-M Concrete Products have introduced a series of Reinforced Precast Concrete Islands, which cover most common design requirements.


Cost Savings - Construction time is reduced from days to a few hours

Workplace Safety - Worker exposure to moving traffic hazards is vastly reduced due to the reduction in construction time. This is very important in these times of ever increasing litigation and public liability costs

Traffic Disruption & Control Costs - Reduced construction time means minimal traffic disruptions and reduced traffic control costs.

Damage - Reinforced in-situ islands are often damaged by turning traffic (while still setting). This virtually never happens with C-M Concrete reinforced precast islands.

Recycling - In-situ traffic islands can only be removed by jack-hammering out. Considerable cost are involved in removing waste and transporting to the tip. C-M Concrete precast islands can be "un-pinned", removed and relocated without waste.

Precast Interlocking Kerb
Pedestrian refuge
Pedestrian refuge
3m Precast Roundabout
Traffic Island Installation guide